Edley Lang Baby

Edley and Lang are two old names in the Cloth Diaper and Vinyl Pant business, well known for their quality and service-ability, but around 1968 the disposable diaper was introduced to our planet, and now, according to environmentalists, it is seriously time to clean up the mess we've made of our landfills, and by the way, there is an emotional mess to avoid making as well.

Diaper changes are not the most pleasant part of your day with your baby, for you, but for your baby that 15 minutes is vital to your baby's nurturing needs. Also important to nurturing is not to hurry their toilet training. Just like every other process our bodies naturally go through, transitioning from diapers to big kid pants will happen in its own time and should never be a competition, a cause for punishment or an annoyance. Diaper change time is the time when your baby has your undivided attention, and this is the time that you use to get acquainted, blow belly bubbles, tickle, giggle, clean up, warm up, let your baby feel your love, and learn to trust you. Child Development 101.

Are there any romantics out there who remember diapers drying on a clothesline in the sunshine, especially on a breezy day? Do you remember the Layette? ...that handy piece of furniture where you changed your baby and had all the fresh t-shits, and diapers and vinyl pants proudly stacked up next to the pins and powder?  You most likely had a rattle and a binkie in your diaper change arsenal too... ah, the good ol' days, really.

Edley Lang Baby is a line of old fashioned Edley, re-usable, flat-pre-fold diapers made from printed and colored flannels, birdseye and gauze, topped off with original Lang, vinyl baby pants.

 We hope you will enjoy our new line of Edley and Lang Diapering Products for your baby. Keep watch for new items, and if you have a special need, please send an e-mail to postmaster@lifestylesemporium.com.

Made in Sonoma, California, USA

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