Edley Lang Life Styles

Diapers Are A Girl's Best Friend!

As a Nurse, Mom and Caregiver, imagine what my day would be like without
"my tools"
We advocate and have created two lines of Cloth Adult and Baby diapers,
HoneyBunz and RagBottoms.


*** Babies *** Bedwetters *** Medical *** Emotional ***

If you are incontinent,
or if you are caring for someone who is incontinent,
for any reason, at any age,
we can help you.

Edley Adult Cloth Diapers                    Lang Adult Vinyl Pants    



Edley Lang Baby 

:coming soon)

The Design room and Showroom are Now Open by Appointment Only.
Please call my cell phone 408-806-8280 after Noon PST
I spend the mornings with my Richard :)
We accept all forms of payment


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now d.b.a. Old Standard Diaper Company